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Prabal Dutta Named to Popular Science Brilliant Ten List

Professor Prabal Dutta has been named one of Popular Science's 2014 Brilliant Ten for his work in developing energy scavenging sensors that could help herald the Internet of Things.   [More Info]

Jia Deng Wins Best Paper Award at ECCV

Prof. Jia Deng and his collaborators have won the Best Paper Award at ECCV for "Large-Scale Object Classification using Label Relation Graphs." It addresses a computer's ability to accurately classify objects in images, which is a fundamental challenge in computer vision research and an important building block for tasks such as localization, detection, and scene parsing.  [More Info]

David Chesney Receives IBM Faculty Award

Dr. David Chesney has been awarded a 2014 IBM Faculty Award for his work in teaching software engineering and for his success in encouraging students to leverage new approaches to developing assistive technologies for people with disabilities.  [More Info]

Kevin Compton Receives ACM-ICPC Coach Award

Prof. Kevin Compton has received an ACM-ICPC Coach Award for his work in five times bringing student programming teams from the University of Michigan to the world finals in the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.  [More Info]

Scenes from MHacks IV

They came in droves and built beautiful things. See scenes from MHacks IV, which took place Sept 5-7 in the Beyster, EECS, and Dow Buildings, in this photo album by College of Engineering photographer Joseph Xu.  [More Info]

Shared Memory in Mobile Operating Systems Provides Ingress Point for Hackers

Computer science researchers have exposed a shared memory weakness believed to exist in Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems that could be used to obtain personal information from unsuspecting users. The research team has demonstrated how passwords, photos, and other personal information can be stolen while users use popular mainstream apps.  [More Info]

CSE Events [All Events...]

Learning to Learn In Reinforcement Learning

Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014
Location: 3725 BBB
Speaker: Michael L. Littman
Speaker Title: Professor of Computer Science
Event Type: AI Seminar

Robust Quantum Random Number Generation

Friday, Sep 26, 2014
Location: BBB 3941
Speaker: Carl Miller
Event Type: Theory Seminar

Farewell Party for Farnam Jahanian

Friday, Sep 26, 2014
Location: Johnson Rooms, LEC
Event Type:

Tech Day

Sunday, Sep 28, 2014
Location: College of Engineering
Event Type: Student Event

A2CS Tech Mixer

Monday, Sep 29, 2014
Location: Tishman Hall, Bob and Betty Beyster Building
Event Type: CSE Seminar or Event

An Algebraic Geometry View of Strassens Matrix Multiplication

Friday, Oct 03, 2014
Location: BBB 3941
Speaker: Daniel Barter
Event Type: Theory Seminar

Why Label When You Can Compare? Active Constraint Pursuit in Metric Learning and Clustering

Tuesday, Oct 07, 2014
Location: 3725 BBB
Speaker: Jason Corso
Speaker Title: Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Event Type: AI Seminar

Information (or inferential) limits and computational limits

Friday, Oct 10, 2014
Location: BBB 3941
Speaker: Raj Rao
Event Type: Theory Seminar